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Lined DIes

Εκδήλωση Ενδιαφέροντος

Natoli's lined dies drastically increase tool life and increase tablet quality.

Lined dies, commonly called insert dies, are used specifically to compress abrasive and corrosive formulation. 
  • Increased tool life
  • Less head wearing
  • Reduced friction
  • Elimination of corrosion
  • Extended tablet quality
Carbide Lined Dies
  • Recommended with abrasive granulations
  • Work well for nutraceutical applications
  • Provide a high level of wear resistance during the compression of abrasive products
  • Increase die life by more than 10 times due to their wear liner
Ceramic Lined Dies
  • Recommended for corrosive products
  • Reduce the coefficient of friction throughout tablet compression cycles
  • Available for round and shaped tablets
  • Include a wear liner that prevents them from wearing
  • Increase die life by 5-10 times