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Tip Configurations

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From short tip straights and undercut punch tips to bakelite relief and more – Natoli knows what punch tip configuration you need.

If you’re having contamination problems, you could simply be using the wrong punch tip configurations. Some common configurations include short upper punch tip straights, an undercut upper punch tip, and bakelite relief.

Short Upper Punch Tip Straights

A short upper punch tip straight tooling option is perfect for tablet presses with lubrication seals. The seals prevent lubricant contamination and black specks on tablets by keeping product granulation separate.

Undercut Upper Punch Tip

An undercut on a punch tip is created by decreasing the tip diameter behind a tip straight. Applying an undercut on an upper punch tip allows for better retention of dust cups and bellows. However, an undercut can also decrease the seal between the tip and dust cup, which could allow lubricants to seep out.