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Press Set up Toolboxes

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Natoli's custom toolboxes are outfitted with set-up tools manufactured specifically for your brand tablet compression press. No more “walking in” a die and prematurely wearing out punches and dies because you don’t have the right tool at hand. Order your toolbox by machine type (see below) and number of stations. Also available for special or modified tablet presses.


 Toolboxes Include:

  • 6″ precision straightedge
  • 12″ precision straightedge
  • Two punch guide cleaning brushes
  • Two die pocket side-action brushes
  • Adjustable torque screwdriver
  • Preset torque wrench
  • Die insertion ring
  • Die seat cleaner tool
  • Hex socket adapter
  • Die lock T-Handle
  • Feeler gauge
  • Die driving rod with two replacement tips
  • Tight punch removal tool
  • Punch guide seal installation tool
  • Dial indicator with magnetic base for checking die table run-out