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Tablet Presses

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 NP-RD10A and NP-RD10*

  • Single station, semi-automatic tablet press
  • Ideal for pharmaceutical laboratory research and development
  • Significantly improves tablet uniformity and reduces trial-and-error
  • Easily meets tablet production requirements and specifications due to the independent control of both tablet hardness and weight
  • Fits well on bench top areas
*The NP-RD10 is a manually-operated model
  • Utilizes Standard TSM and EU “B”, “D”, “B2 Short Lowers”, “Core Rod”, “EK0” or “F” Tooling
  • Touch-screen Operator Interface
  • Programmable Parameters for Precompression Force Control, Compression Force Control, Dwell Time and Automatic Cycle Return
  • ½” Thick Lexan® Guards
  • Micro-Adjustable Depth of Fill
  • Extra Deep Fill Capacity Option
  • Automatic Ejection
  • CE Certified
  • 42 kN, 9500 lbs Compression
  • Multi-Layering Capabilities and More
  • Data Acquisition via Exportable CSV File
  • Mobile Press
Key Benefits:
  • High quality, low cost solution for tablet manufacturers in need of a medium-output rotary tablet press
  • Direct drive gears for decreased wear and slippage
  • cGMP and CE compliant
  • Designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA for quality and reliability
  • Complete spare parts inventory