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UniScope - Pre-designed for Regional Configuration

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UniScope™ is designed for manufacturers that require a line serialization solution that maps directly to a single country or regional mandate. Each regional model is pre-configured and ready to deploy to meet pre-designed regional regulatory compliance requirements.


  • Supports Regional Compliance
  • Rapid Implementation
  • Reduce Line Downtime
  • Efficient Design and Configuration
  • Future-Proofed Compliance
  • Upgradeable within UniSeries Suite
  • Compliance with Changing Regulations
Features Available
  • Meets Regional Regulatory Requirements
  • Supports In-Lot and Post-Lot Rework Operations
  • Integrates Into Legacy Platforms
  • Customized to Specifications
  • Packaging Use Cases
  • Scalable as Part of the UniSeries Suite
  • Master Data and Package Order Support
  • Built-in test and simulation environment
  • Non-Serialized Quality Vision Inspection
  • Suspend and Resume Lot Selections
  • Reporting Capabilities
  • Advanced Configuration Options
  • Use Authentication – On Existing Action Directory