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Model C Printer

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 The Model C is made for your specific capsule dimension.  The Model C prints ten rows simultaneously and has an output capacity of 320,000 units per hour. With no moving parts in the rectifying system, operation is dependable and trouble free. The high performance machine can be equipped with duotone printing units which enables printing in two colors; one on the cap and one on the body. While the base of the machine stays the same, the head drum feed assembly can be easily swapped to change capsule sizes. The carrier bars for this machine are easily removed due to the bed like style of the machine. This makes changeovers simple and efficient so production is at its max.


Hard Gelatin Capsule: #5 through #00
Electrical: Basic 380V 60 HZ / 3PH
(Special Requirments available upon request)
Air: 80 PSI
Weight: 2,100 lbs (945 Kg)
Rectifying or random spin printing. Also two colors, one color cap/ one color body
10 Rows- approx. 320,000 Per Hour
Product capacity varies with shape and size of product
Solid Aluminum frame, clear anodize with Stainless steel guards, standard safety features.