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ΑρχικήΠροϊόνταRW HARTNETTH-Track Laser Writer

H-Track Laser Writer

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 R. W. Hartnett’s model HC-LM Laser Writing Machine is designed to laser etch a trademark onto a single surface of a soft gelatin capsule. Servomotors and the cantilever system simplify precision laser writing registration. Integrated controls and quick change parts make this machine user-friendly for both operation and maintenance.



  • Use with any size or shape Softgel
  • Fully enclosed laser writing operations
  • Servomotor driven, programmable cantilever laser writing system
  • Registration is adjustable in-process without stopping operations
  • Adjustable feed hopper angle for optimum product in-feed delivery
  • Quick change parts –6 pocket carrier bars and patented spring-lock system
  • Portable; easy setup
  • Interlocked safety operations
  • Swing arm touch screen HMI
  • Fully integrated controls
  • Intuitive, user friendly software
  • CE Compliant
  • Accessible components for easy maintenance