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Automatic Weigning

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Frequently in pharmaceutical environments, one must often separate the source package from the target package. This and many other challenges to secure, traceable and ergonomic weighing are ensured by Servolift weighing systems. Also a multiplicity of versions ensure that containers of various shapes and sizes can be used. The flow properties of individual products are considered through the use of many different dosing solutions. One can design a system for small target packages, such as drums from 10 L to 200 L up to large product containers. The level of automation and data interfaces are determined in accordance with the project, developed with customers, and implemented at our facilities

 Loading station for the source package:

  • Very different packages possible: Big-Bag, silos, containers, bag discharge stations, pre-weighed small packages
  • Automatic, dust-free docking stations
  • Automatically or manually-controlled discharging aids
  • Product scanning using coded containers
Product transfer:
  • Downpipes with discharging aids
  • Control sieve
  • Dosing rotory valve. Alternatively, different dosing units can be used depending upon the product
  • Separate shut-off valve
  • Dust-free and power-decoupled connection to the receiving container
  • Accepts very different target containers: drums, containers
  • Lifting device for dust-free docking
  • Automatic or manual conveying system to the next filling station
  • Scale with 0.5% precision
  • Data interface for respective formulas
  • Actual-target comparison