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Lifting, transporting and tilting drums and bins is a typical task especially in the chemical and pharmaceutical industrie as well as in food manufacture. SERVOLIFT, the original handling system, has been manufactured for approximately 30 years. It provides decisive advantages thanks to its two arms: unhindered view of the transport materials, exact and safe operation, uncompromising compliance with all hygiene requirements as well as a higher degree of reliability  and cost effectiveness.

Strong, maneuverable and easy to operate: the new SL 250
  • Free view of the carried load
  • Loads up to 350 kg
  • Explosion protection for zones 1/21 and 2/22 
  • Lift up to 4,250 mm
  • GMP-compliant construction, easy to clean and completely manufactured of stainless steel
  • Faster and easier exchange of the gripper system for various drum types
  • Space-saving due to its very compact design
  • Very maneuverable in confined spaces
  • Can be used everywhere due to its low weight
  • Extendable versions for manual driving, drawbar coupling or powered driving
  • Simple operation