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Bin Lifters

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Bin lifters from SERVOLIFT are adapted to your bin types.
Its modular construction provides for functional extensions by combining special installed components and process machines.
One can develop an optimal, ergonomic system solution when using the bin lifters in combination with Servolift containers.

  • Stainless steel - or cGMP-compliant designs
  • High flexibility, such as for containers of any dimension and design
  • High load range
  • Stationary or mobile design
  • Floor/ceiling-installed, free-standing or ceiling-positioned designs
  • Electro-hydraulical or electro-mechanical solutions
  • Wide range of control designs, from simple, direct manual lever controls up to PLC-controlled sequences
  • Integration of product controls, such as installation of dosing units
  • Pick up of  containers, including discharge aid and valve actuators
  • Extensive take-up and clamp systems, container holding device, fork shaped spears, special designs depending upon the bins to be lifted, to name only a few examples
  • Functional extensions through integration of drum take-up systems, tipping and pivoting functions, controls for attached equipment, etc.
  • Extensive safety design for operators and procedures