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Lifters with Processing Components

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These types of machines are used for a variety of applications when combined with process machines. The use of cone mills, hammer mills, vibration sieves, sifters, mobile for various areas or stationary. The broad applications spectrum of these devices can be seen in weighing for raw materials preparation or granulation for calibration, to name two examples. The take-up system is designed and adapted depending upon the process machines and the specified runs.

  • cGMP-compliant design
  • Mobile or stationary or combinable for high flexibility
  • Adapted take-up system, depending upon the process machines
  • Variable, adjustable lifting function - for mobile units with telescoping designs for low drive-through heights
  • Function extensions through the integration of tilting and pivoting functions
  • Various containment designs, such as low-dust connections up to high-containment solutions
  • Extensive control designs, depending upon customer-specific requirements