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Platform Lifters

Εκδήλωση Ενδιαφέροντος

Storage, production and operating levels are often linked in a vertical fashion for smooth material flow. A SERVOLIFTt platform lifter is a sensible solution to an elevator. Space-saving, and able to execute the platform with various accesses helps to solve space problems in material flow. A closed hoistway is not needed.

Platform lifters for simple material or passengers transport, mobile or stationary.

 Access to the platform in the lower floor:

  • Additional ramps
  • Ramp to the carrying arm
  • Trench under the carrying arm for even loading
Platform with even surfaces as a transport footprint
including a railing with a single door
  • Column behind the access point
  • Column lateral to the access point
  • 2 access points
  • Installation in hoistway (as a material elevator)
  • Lifting containers (such as drums, bags) to feed a system
  • Lifting liquid containers for gravimetric emptying