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Mini-Batch Blenders

Εκδήλωση Ενδιαφέροντος

These blenders are especially well-suited to the area of pilot facilities, small batches, production as well as test. Its flexibility results from the various designs, such as mobile or stationary, as well as the use of exchangeable blending containers, such as containers, round tanks, double cones and V-containers. It can be expanded through installations and conversions of choppers, spray systems and NIR systems.

  • Load capacity: 150 kg
  • Protective hood, Macrolon plate in an enclosed stainless steel frame
  • Non product contact material AISI 316L / AISI 304, Ra < 1.4 μm
  • Product contact material AISI 316L, Ra < 0.8 μm
  • Blender individually exchangeable: Container, drum, double cone, special containers
  • Further optional functions: Spraying system, NIR, active tools
  • Blending drive: frequency-controlled worm drive brake motor, blending RPM: 5-20, adjustable
  • Blending time 0-99 min., adjustable
  • Control: PLC, Siemens S7 operation, touch panel
Possible Blender configurATIONs:
  • Blend in container
  • Blend in container or drum
  • Blend and spray
  • Blend with chopper
  • Blend with chopper and spray