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Drum Blenders

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SERVOLIFT’s drum blender is designed for the demands of the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
Equipped with easy-to-use equipment, optimal ergonomics, converted to a space-saving and compact machine housing. The blender offers the ability to take up drums of varying sizes.
The drum blender can be ideally connected to previous or follow-on processes, to refill or sieve into underneath placed containers, for easy attachment of drums either manually or hydraulically, to blend various containers with fitting clamp or take-up systems. 

  • Stainless steel or cGMP-compliant design
  • Can lift all customary drums as well as special drums
  • Free-standing or floor- or ceiling-mounted design
  • Loading using trolleys, hand lifters up to fully automatic roller conveyor feeds and unloading
  • Various container clamping systems, from manual up to fully automatic designs
  • Safety housing depending on where set up, and processes
  • Standard tipping setting on the blending axis, or in accordance with customer requirements, thus no insertions in the blending containers
  • Simple PLC - controls up to PLC, including CFR 21 Part 11 implementation
  • Integration of prior or forward product  as well as handling functions (lifting, tilting, pivoting, parking, docking, etc.)
  • Explosion-protected design for Atex zones 1, 2, 21, 22 as well as per US standards