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The EasyTS leak detection bench is the best solution for a reliable detection of microcracks or pinholes.affecting the sterility of containers.
Easy TS allows the operators to perform leak test of all kinds of containers filled with liquid products (glass ampoules and vials, plastic bottles, infusion bags, BFS strips and bottles). It can be used for off-line test of samples or, with few units, it is possible to inspect 100% of small-medium production. Operator puts the container inside the bench and presses the pushbutton: the bench automatically executes the test (in 0,1 sec) and turns on a green/red lamp to indicate the OK/NOK result.
Once set up, it doesn’t require any calibration nor specific skills to be used. Parameters are saved in recipes; numerical and graphic results are also visualized on the display.
Detection method
The bench applies the well known method of high voltage: if any leak is present, a discharge current will flow through the pinhole into the container and will be measured by the system.
Main Strengths
• Compact design
• Modular system for different containers with fast size change (one minute only)
• Immediate OK/NOK output
• Sensibility compatible with microorganism dimensions (some micron)
• Minimal energy transferred to the product (less than 0,08J)
• Not specific skills needed
• Siemens PLC and display
• Fully safe condition for the operator
• Stainless steel and FDA approved plastic material
• Applicable also to liquids with low conductivity as distilled water

Dimensions (LxWxH)
400 x 360 x 650 mm
15 Kg
Electrical / Power
230V   50/60 Hz   1 Ph   250W
Test voltage
Up to 40 KVolt
Containers material
Glass, PE, PET, PPE
Containers types
Vials, ampoules, BFS strips, infusion plastic bags,
BFS bottles
Containers dimensions
1 to 2500 ml
about 1 micron
Product conductivity
≥ 2,5 µSiemens/cm