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Easy TS Beverage

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Easy TS is a compact and robust device suitable for execution of sampling test; it is specifically designed to be installed on board of filling lines and to be used by fillers.

Once set up, Easy TS doesn’t require any calibration nor specific skills to be used; qualitative and objective OK/NOK output coupled with a very short analysis time, make the Easy TS indispensable for every filling machine in order to secure and control one of the major critical process point: closure tightness. The initial set up aims to customize recipes and electrode shapes to secure a perfect discrimination capability tailored on the products filled into the bottles.
Detection method
The bench applies the well known method of high voltage: if any leak is present, a discharge current will flow through the pinhole into the container and will be measured by the system.
Main Strengths
• Compact design
• Non destructive control
• Exhaustive method
• Precise and accurate output
• Easy and fast setuP
• Easy setup
• Configurable for different neck finish
• Not specific skills needed
(thought as production and QC tool)
• Detection threshold compatible
with microorganism dimensions
• Very short measuring time
• Fully safe condition for the operator

 Dimensions (LxWxH)
400 x 360 x 650 mm
15 Kg
Electrical / Power
230V   50/60 Hz   1 Ph   250W
Bottle material
Bottle height
up to 360 mm
Closure Ø
25 ÷ 50 mm
Closure shape
Flat, Sport, Thumb up
about 1 micron
Product filled
Black tea, Juices…
≥ 100 µSiemens/cm