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The TP machine performs an in-line fully automatic integrity test of BFS plastic strips at high speed using the not destructive method of high voltage.

The strips arrive from upstream machine over a conveyor where they are reversed in horizontal position. A pneumatic cylinder automatically loads each strip between the slots of a belt that pushes them over a plastic slide. Each strip is tested by four stations dedicated to different areas. At the end of conveyor an air blow automatically rejects the defective strips.
Good ones proceed towards downstream line.
The inspection method is based on the application of high voltage between two electrodes at opposite sizes of strips; the presence of a pinhole in a not conductive container causes a current spark that is detected by the system.
Advanced Features
• Inspection system
Pulses trains at high voltage up to 35KV with frequency around 1000 Hz. Fast, proven and efficient system without degradation nor contamination of the product
• Inspection area
Welding areas with four stations equipped with electrodes of different shape
• Special features
Set of in-built connectors for automatic check of electronics
Aspirator for ozone evacuation
Sensor for ozone detection
Samples for periodical challenge test
Vibration of containers before inspection for spreading of liquid
• CFR21/Part11 compliance
User friendly HMI based on 12” touchscreen PC running on Windows with full audit trail functions and several levels of passwords
• Modular layout
Ready for connection to upstream BFS machine or filling line and to downstream packaging line
• Easy setup
Just four parameters for each product with unlimited number of recipes memorizable in PC hard disk

 Dimensions (LxWxH)
413 x 730 x 135 cm
350 Kg
Electrical / Pneumatic consumption
1 KW
Machine speed
Up to 6000 strips/hr (for strips 65x60mm)
Containers type
Monodose and multidose strips
PE or PP
Container sizes
From 0,3 ml up to 10 ml
Maximum dimension of the strip
90 x 130 (WxL) mm
Minimum conductivity of liquid
20 microSiemens/cm
Dimension of detectable holes
> 10 micron
Acoustic noise