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The Automatic Inspection Machine C2 is a reliable and efficient system to inspect a wide range of ampoules and vials for foreign matter and cosmetic defects up to 200 pcs/min.

The infeed/outfeed is by trays or in line. Containers are collected by an intermittent turret where they are pressed over a beaker by an upper spindle. The containers are spun at high speed and then suddenly stopped so that particles can twirl inside the liquid and be detected by the cameras. The inspection is repeated in three stations each one equipped with both back and bottom light for maximum flexibility. It is possible to add stations for inspection of vials sealing, for tip defects (with rejection before the turret) and for detection of black spot on ampoules tip. Rejection is made with suction technique.
Advanced Features
• Inspection
Three stations for particles inspection equipped with both backlight and bottom light (Tyndall effect) configurable for reflecting and not reflecting particles; optional stations for vials sealing, ampoules tip, presence of black spot, code rings

Dimensions (LxWxH)
about 2835 x 1284 x 2294 mm
600 Kg
Electrical / Power
400V ± 10%   50/60 Hz
3Ph+N+GND   2,5 Kw
Air consumption
4,5 m3/hr – 5 bar
Machine Speed
Up to 200 pcs/min (small sizes)
Spinning Speed
300 ÷ 3000 rpm
Loading Height
950 ± 50 mm
Containers types