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Blister Machine

Εκδήλωση Ενδιαφέροντος

This system enables to apply a wide versatility for Pharmaceutical blister packaging in thermoforming and cold forming blisters. Considered line clearance and machine cleaning upon lot change over to be carried out with simplicity and ease even by unskilled personnel so that is suitable for frequent change over products required.

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ㆍPlaten sealing technology
ㆍUp to 50 cycles, Maximum 150 blisters per minute
ㆍMaximum Forming Depth 30mm (optional)
ㆍThermoforming and Cold Forming Blisters
ㆍMMI control via PLC & touch panel
ㆍZigzag designed punch for less waste
ㆍSuitable for frequent change-over of tool
ㆍCE Regulation approved
ㆍIndividual rejection system (optional)