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Vials Automatic System

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Tofflon vials auto loading systems are fully automatic, as so to reduce the human intervene during the manufacturing. It is integrated with latest technology and can meet the various demands from clients with comprehensive models: Row by Row, AGV(Automatic Guided Vehicle) and Semi-auto Loading Systems.

  • Fewer clean room personnel result in higher sterility assurance levels and reduced bio-burden.
  • Automation provides operator protection when processing potent products.
  • Automatic Loading and Unloading System provides higher efficiency, lower operating costs and increased equipment availability compared to manual system.
  • Combining Automatic Loading and Unloading System with barrier system provides better control of risks during aseptic processing.
  • Automation provides for higher repeatability and easier validation of the process.


 Systems build unto the freeze dryer and load each shelf one row or several rows at a time.
  • In-feed conveyor and transfer disk
  • Loading bridge system
  • Loading array system
  • Loading pusher system
  • Unloading pusher system
  • Out-feed conveyor / single liner
Systems using "Automatic Guided Vehicle" to load multiple freeze dryer one shelf at a time.
  • · In-feed conveyor and transfer disk
  • · Infeed station (IS)
  • · Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV)
  • · Outfeed station (OS)
  • · Out-feed conveyor
Semi-auto loading systems offer an affordable alternative for fully auto loading systems:
  • · Manual LAF movable cart or conveyor
  • · Constant height loading system
  • · Vials accumulation system