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The isolator is designed to provide controlled environment to operate at a negative pressure, with the ability to control and monitor all operating parameters that can handle any type of application or process requirements.

  • Rigid wall enclosure provides full physical separation of the aseptic processing operations from operators.
  • Unidirectional airflow systems provide grade A environment to the critical areas.
  • The ambient environment can be grade C or grade D.
  • The system can be opened only when off-line and can not be used before re-validation.
  • The isolator operates in positive or negative pressure to the environment.
  • Inflatable gaskets are used for windows sealing.
  • Safety light curtain and safety switches are installed to reduce the risk during the production.
  • Gloves are used to access all the process area needed for intervention with doors closed.
  • RTP is used for transfer procedures.
  • Environment monitoring devices can be integrated according to customer’s requirement, such as reserving the mechanical and electrical ports for particle counter and microbe sampler.
  • Integratd H202 vapor decontamination system and CIP/ WIP are optinonal functions to the isolator.
  • Containment design is required when handling toxic products.