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Vial Filling Line

Εκδήλωση Ενδιαφέροντος

This line is designed for pharmaceutical industry. They fulfill standards worldwide concerning the regulation of pharmaceutical process such as cGMP and FDA guidelines as well as the efficiency oriented.

  • This line contains TFW serial washer, TFT Serial Tunnel, TFF serial filling and stoppering machine and capping machine.
  • Suitable for various size vial, convenient for various size vials production.
  • The thermal cycle is settled to ensure pyrogen reduction to 3log.
  • Weighing before filling (option: load cell), filling (time-pressure method or plunger pump), weigh after filling are available.
  • Main transmission use servo motor control, and more automation, intelligentialize and flexibility.
  • Monolithic structure is balcony type, laminar flow is more uniformity, and compliance GMP requirement.
  • "I" and "L" layouts are available as the clients’ requirement.
  • SCADA System(Option):data collection and monitoring system can generate batch record, to collect and feedback the key data.
Main System
  • TFW serial washer
  • TFT Serial Tunnel
  • TFF serial filling and stoppering machine
  • Capping machine