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Solution Preparation Systems

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The whole process includes: Final sterilization drug formulation of the ingredients, Sterile gas pressurization,online cleaning, on line sterilization, Aseptic sampling , etc. Compliance to the GMP requirements. Especially for sterile liquid, sterile powder, Biological preparation, vaccine, medicine injection, antitumor injection Pre-filling needle, eye drops, etc.

  • Tofflon-Top aseptic complete automatic preparation system
  • the tank, pipeline, filters all adopt module design concept.
  • Integrated with CIP&SIP functions which allow for the automatic production, cleaning, sterilization.
  • The uniformity of the products can be guaranteed, compliance to the GMP requirements.
  • Strong expansibility, the system shall be carried out according to the different formulations of drug classified control, can realize the request of a single machine to complete multiple formula, reduce the production cost
  • tanks
  • magnetic stirrer
  • aseptic pipeline