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The advanced microcontroller along with The PT 100 sensor and a stirrer in the bath ensures uniform temperature and a control accuracy of within ± 0.2°C.The temperature can be set in the range of 30° to 40°C. The thin mobile temperature probes are placed in the beaker to monitor and validate the beaker temperature and start the test when the set temperature has been reached. The probes are designed to match the beaker profile and prevent interference with the basket movement. A PC keyboard interface is provided for ease name, product name, batch nos., lot nos., media and set parameters. All such data for up to 10 products can be stored and retained to save time.

  • Complies with USP, IP, BP and Ph. Eur. specifications
  • Basket park-out from beaker
  • Unique camless drive
  • Print report of test results and validation
  • Individual motor and timer with external probe for each basket
  • Moulded bath with slide-up cover
  • Ergonomically designed and magnetically coupled basket for easy loading
  • LAN connectivity (optional and external) allows ED - 3PO to be connected to the computers in the local network
  • RS-232 serial port can be connected for printing the test report on serial printer and if the serial printer is un-available then the test report can be captured from the hyper terminal of the computer