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ΑρχικήΠροϊόνταNOW SYSTEMSCheck WeigherMulti-lane and high accuracy weighing

Multi-lane and high accuracy weighing

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 Multi lane and high precision check weigher.

For mass products which pass through the check weigher that has multi lanes and high precision.


2-lane NWC592 UDL210-I NWC592H UDL210-I
4-lane NWC594 UDL210-I NWC594H UDL210-I
Weighing capacity 200g
Weighing range 1g ~ 200g
1Optimum accuracy 0.05g 0.001g
Scale interval ±0.1g ±0.01g
2Max. Weighing speed 60ea/min - per lane 50ea/min - per lane
Belt speed 10 ~ 50 m/min
Product Width 10 ~ 100 mm
Length 30 ~ 200 mm
Height 5 ~ 100 mm
Rejectors Drop belt
1The optimum accuracy would be changed depending on product status and conditions.
2The Max.Weighing speed would be changed depending on conveyor speed.