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Moisture Analysis:

The amount of moisture in a product can greatly affect the product's quality and is also very important when making transactions based on weight. Small errors can have very large repercussions. Therefore, in order to perform inspections and examinations, maintain and adjust quality, and carry out fair and honest transactions, it is critical to have an accurate moisture content reading. Moisture content testers were developed for this specific purpose - to get accurate measurements of these subtle yet important values. As a pioneer in the field of moisture testers, our partner Kett has developed a large variety of models for different applications and purposes. These products help our customers to maintain proper conditions and standards.

Grain Moisture Analyzer (PM-650)

The PM-650 moisture analyzer can measure the moisture content of many kinds of grain, seeds, and other products. Using a fixed sample volume allows the weight, temperature, and capacitance (dielectric) of the sample to be measured. After processing this information, with the use of the embedded microprocessor, the "Moisture Value" is displayed.

Refer to the separate "Product List” for measurable grain types. Because the calibration curves of products on the "Product List" have been already stored, the measurement of a sample on the list can be instantly performed by simply pressing the product number.

Infrared Moisture Balance (FD-660)

The FD-660 Infrared Moisture Determination Balance measures moisture content through the detection of weight loss by heating & drying. It is extremely similar to the Loss on Drying Test, one of the official standard measurement methods, forming the basis of measuring moisture content.

The moisture contents of almost all of samples, regardless of their types and shapes, can be measured.

Infrared Moisture Balance (FD-720)

The FD-720 is the most advanced new Moisture Balance. Equipped with high accuracy analytical balance and new designed long life (20,000 to 30,000 hours) Mid-wave Infrared quartz heater and 6 different measurement modes. The unique Bias function allows adjustment to the data Obtained by other measuring methods or other testers 

Infrared Moisture Balance (FD-800)

The FD-800 employs a dual temperature sensing method to achieve highly precise moisture measurements. In addition to the thermistor that measures the environment temperature within the drying chamber, it is mounted with a radiation thermometer that measures the sample temperature directly without contact.