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Pin hole Detector

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LIXIS MH systems are designed to automatically detect pinholes and pores on Alu-Alu blister packs produced during foil cold forming, which are usually invisible to human eye. Our equipment eliminates non-airtight sealing risks due to cracks in the inspected foil, impossible to detect with other automatic systems. Therefore, an accurate control of 100% of the production is guaranteed, a rate that cannot be equalled by statistical sampling.


  • System based on highly sensitive detection of infrared radiation.
  • Detects 25 micron (0.001 inch) pinholes.
  • Inspects multiple independent areas on foil.


  • Fully automatic and easy to adjust.
  • Easy and reliable system challenging by means of laser drilled standard apertures.
  • Compact design – Easy to clean and install on any blister machine.


  • It doesn’t slow down blister machine production speed.
  • Virtually maintenance-free.
  • Only requires programmed cleaning.
  • Unbeatable cost-efficiency ratio.

Quality Assurance

  • Controls 100% of the Alu-Alu blister production and eliminates risk of non-airtight sealing due to cracks in inspected foil.
  • Fail Safe – Any malfunction in the system will cause machine-stop and blister rejection.
  • Designed under cGMP. Compatible with any production environment.

Minimum size detection

  • 25 micron (circular pore diameter or equivalent area).


  • Digital sensitivity control.
  • Fissure or Pinhole detection.
  • System OK (READY)/Machine Stop.

Emission type

  • Infrared with wavelength peak 875nm.


  • Width: 51mm (2”).
  • Length: Available on several sizes according to foil width.


  • cGMP compliant heavy duty anodized aluminium construction.


  • User guide, installation and maintenance manual. Validation documents available optionally.