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ΑρχικήΠροϊόνταEZI-DOCKEzi-FlowT CSV4 All Plastic

Ezi-FlowT CSV4 All Plastic

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The Ezi-Flow CSV provides:

•    High Containment Performance <1µg/m3 (task based)
•    Fast, Full-Bore Discharge
•    Liquid Tight, Low Maintenance
•    Fully Disposable System
•    Many times cheaper than “Old Style” Split Butterfly Valve alternatives
•    Fast, Trouble-Free Supply

The All Plastic Ezi-Flow CSV provides a complete, unique and World Class High-Containment solution for:

•    Reactor Charging
•    Extruder Charging
•    Powder Filling Lines
•    Tablet Press Charging
•    Tablet Coater Charging
•    Blenders/Mixers
•    Filter Dryers
•    Tablet Packing Lines